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 Imperial NumberReference NumberMfg NumberDescriptionList PriceCompareQuantity on Hand
IPP328054*87-104-1659WEIGHT SWEEP HOSE$15.77
IPP3280183187-104-1087TOP COVER KK LEGEND/LEGEND II$89.04
IPP3280111087-104-1016HOSE VENTURI JET 7 3/4 IN$1.90
IPP3280121187-104-1018HOSE SWEEP - COMPLETE$35.99
IPP3280131287-104-1020WEAR RING PACKAGE OF 5$12.69
IPP3280141387-104-1021JET SWEEP HOSE WITH COLLAR$3.83
IPP32860191487-104-1024SS ADJUSTMENT SCREW SWEEP HOSE$2.94
IPP3280171587-104-1025FLOAT BALLAST$6.03
IPP3250H07P1687-104-1027HOSE SLEEVE PK OF 4$4.94
IPP3280201787-104-1029BAG COARSE MESH$50.45