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 Imperial NumberReference NumberMfg NumberDescriptionList PriceCompareQuantity on Hand
IPP623207*47-197-1364THERMOSTAT MV SOLID STATE$381.24
IPP623409*47-197-1652KIT-FUSE PC BOARD RP2100$25.70
IPP623410*47-197-1850WIRE/HARNESS FOR MILLIVOLT$115.66
IPP623410A*47-197-1828WIRE/HARNESS IID$177.77
IPP623470*47-197-1938CONVERSION KIT NAT TO LP 185- 265$189.55
IPP623470A*6234-70ACONVERSION KIT NAT TO LP 335- 405$197.04
IPP623471*6234-71CONVERSION KIT LP TO NAT 185- 265$205.61
IPP623471A*47-197-1941CONVERSION KIT LP TO NAT 335- 405$212.04
IPP623401A147-197-1770BURNER TRAY W/BURNERS 185$764.61
IPP623401B147-197-1771BURNER TRAY W/BURNERS 265$864.21