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 Imperial NumberMfg NumberDescriptionList PriceCompareQuantity on Hand
IPP7235089-555-1050NO HUB CONNECTORS FOR 1 1/2IN IN$22.07
IPP21502355-270-1509CLAMP FOR 3/4 IN TUBING$1.73
IPP21502555-270-1510PLASTIC CLAMP FOR 3/8 IN TUBING$1.47
IPP6658089-423-1002CLAMP S S HOSE 3/8IN TO 7/8IN$1.43
IPP6658A6658ACLAMP S S 7/16 IN - 1 IN TUBING$4.90
IPP6659089-423-1022CLAMP S S HOSE 11/16 TO 1 1/4 IN$6.23
IPP666006660-0CLAMP S S HOSE 1 5/16 TO 2IN - SOLD EACH$1.67
IPP7236089-555-1060NO HUB CONNECTORS FOR 2 IN$19.18